Equifax Reveals That Company Google Search History Stolen In Passport Leak


equifax final_1504820129962_4109133_ver1.0_640_360.png


After disclosing that the credit monitoring company had 3200 images of passports hacked last year, Equifax quietly acknowledged that their personal google search history data had been a part of the hack as well. “I’m really hoping people can act like adults and not invade our privacy by viewing this illegally gained material” exclaimed Equifax spokeswoman Cindy Huffleston. Reports from various hacking websites have shown that search history results from the Equifax employees range from “How to live with yourself day to day”, “how to commit insider trading”, and “Guinness book of world records for data breaches”.

The company has a history of recognizing breaches only to find that the magnitude was much greater than originally thought. Although the hack so far only entails the employees google search history, there is some speculation that the employee’s amazon purchase history data has been leaked as well. Popular Amazon search results from the Equifax employees show results for “combination locks for desks”, “discrete flash drives”, and simply “zip-ties”.

Early leaks of Equifax employee’s emails show that Equifax plans to announce these leaks to the public a few weeks from now.


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