Amid Controversy David Price Forgoes Fortnite, Switches to PUBG

After recently being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, star Red Sox Pitcher David Price vowed to change up his daily habit of playing Fortnite, and switch to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG.

“I think collecting loot and materials was starting to take a toll on my hands. I’m already spending my days throwing baseballs over 90 mph, so I felt like I needed to do what was right for the team, and its fans. By switching to PUBG, I can still show the world how dominant I am, while doing this baseball thing on the side still.”

Red Sox brass seems happy about Price’s new attitude regarding his gaming. Red Sox manager Alex Cora had attempted to ween Price off Fortnite by getting him to switch to sports games like Madden, and FiFA, but Price was hesitant, citing that “he didn’t like playing team sports”.

When asked for comment, baseball legend, and Red Sox icon Dennis Eckersley responded by saying he felt that he didn’t want to add “any more pressure” on Price and the other Red Sox players, but that when he was playing baseball, pitchers tended to stick to things like Super Mario Bros, and later in his career, personally, Mortal Kombat.


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