White House Aides Tape Meetings So Trump Can Impress Friends

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.39.45 AM.pngAfter recent reports found that a junior White House Aide was taping meetings with Trump so he could impress his friends, official leaks from the White House have confirmed that Trump was actually using the recordings to impress his own friends.

“Everyone at Mar-a-Lago loves my recordings, I’ve been thinking of starting my own Trump Podcast” commented Trump on Friday’s Edition of Fox and Friends.

When asked if he understands the risks to national security, and the embarrassment it brings to his cabinet, Trump responded, “I edit out all the boring stuff in between, I’m really going for just the sick burns, and tweetable things, like the McCain line that blonde lady mentioned. We need more stuff like that around here.”

Dropping Bricks attempted to get a comment from White House Press Secretary/Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders about recent leaks, but she was busy perfecting the EQ on the audio tapes of her own meetings. Early reports claim that Sanders plans on dropping a “brutal diss-track” using various the various recordings.

This would give some insight into why Kanye West was brought into the White House, earlier this year. So far it’s unclear whether this will lead to a full collaborative effort featuring Kanye West, or if he was just brought in for producer notes.


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