Head Coach Tyronn Lue Realizes Game 4 is an Elimination Game

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 9.19.21 AM.pngAfter his Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 3 to the Golden State Warriors, head coach Tyronn Lue was informed Game 4 could be the last of the series. Inside sources indicate that Coach Lue realized the gravity of the fourth game, after eavesdropping on a players-only meeting, led by LeBron James. In the meeting, players discussed various strategies for Game 4, emotionally coping with the Game 3 loss, and why Tyronn Lue was not present for the meeting. We later learned that the players meeting was a scheduled practice.

After being told about the practice, Coach Lue promptly entered the locker room, and asked some players and staff members if they had enough pencils and notepads for everyone. After spending close to 35 minutes distributing notepads and pencils, Coach Lue began preparing for Game 4 by stating he wanted to give LeBron more rest, to save him for future games. This is when Kyle Korver spoke up, and whispered to Lue that resting LeBron would cost them the series, and the championship.

After briefly looking around the room and quietly muttering to himself, Coach Lue recollected everyone’s notepads and pencils, and exited the locker room. While on his way out, Lue told players “they needed to give him a timeout”, and he would be back soon. LeBron James later resumed the practice, after telling the team he would really miss them, and would try to keep in touch after summer break.


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