Uber patents technology to detect if riders are anti-social

desk.jpgHave you sent any texts in the past hour? Do you spend time with your headphones plugged in, but don’t have any music playing? When you order delivery, how often do you get things for more than one person? These are the type of things the new Uber patent is analyzing, to learn if riders are social beings, or want to be left alone during the drive.

“We understand people might see this as an invasion of privacy, but there are benefits to this. Your Uber driver will see how anti-social you are, and make a judgement from there if they should attempt to engage in conversation with you” explained Uber spokesperson Melisa Knapp.

Uber has teamed up with Apple and Google to collect as much personal and intimate data from users, to marginally improve their lives in ways no one has asked for. By analyzing data like text messages, and calendar events, Uber will provide drivers with an aggregate score of socialness, that way users data is what the company refers to as “Uber safe”.

“I’ve never liked talking to passengers anyway” says Uber driver Sam Gilmore. “This gives me a lot more time to talk to my friends and family on the phone. The rider is usually too busy staring at their own phone anyways, which is great, cause I make a ton of traffic violations.”

Uber was also patenting technology to tell if the rider was drunk as well, but ditched that process after realizing over 90% of their riders are somewhat intoxicated through various means.

Uber spokesperson Melisa Knapp stated that “assuming our riders are intoxicated and focusing on their social moods allows our drivers to prepare themselves adequately. Some of our drivers were getting depressed when people would keep trying to engage them in conversations about the traffic and weather. Now they can turn up the music before a social person gets in, to quickly diffuse any attempts.”

Uber rival Lyft is reportedly working on a similar patent, but instead of socialness, they are analyzing user data to figure out if the rider is using the Lyft app as a first, or second choice.


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