Westworld Season Finale Causes Thousands to Take a Personal Day

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 5.26.26 PM.png

Employers across the U.S have reported that many of their employees have called in sick today, due to Sunday night’s season finale of HBO’s Westworld.

“It was just too much mentally” explained tax-accountant Kirk Greer. “With all the time-travel towards the end, and trying to figure out what it means to be human, I felt like I just couldn’t put my best effort into work today. I just can’t stop thinking of Westworld.”

The Center for Disease Control has announced that those who tend to “over-examine things, and fixate on the meaning of life” should avoid the popular television series. The CDC has had to announce similar warnings in the past, after the ABC series LOST left many viewers in the dark after an unsatisfying ending. This recent incident by HBO has necessitated a greater response, as patients tend to exhibit signs of deep emotional trauma.

“We need to start educating the population about the dangers surrounding these gripping television series that tend to hype its viewers, only to inevitably let them down” explained CDC spokesperson Rosa Watkins. “They provide viewers with too many questions, and very few answers. If this trend continues no one will be able to get any work done. They will just continue to lurk message boards for clues from others who are equally as lost.”

Despite warnings, people continue to watch these drawn out, suspenseful dramas. Some at the CDC believe that eventually, enough people will be brought down by other disappointing television series, and they will build an immunity to this mental crisis. AMC’s Walking Dead, and CBS’s How I Met Your Mother were frequently used as internal examples.


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