Madden 19 Adds Likely to Be Suspended Attribute to Player Rating System

Madden 19 is adding a new “likely to be suspended” attribute, to make franchise modes even more realistic. In recent years, the developers behind the players rating system have added different catch and pass ratings, but this new attribute will affect players on how they build their team in the revamped franchise mode.

“Now players will have to form and adjust their rosters with a little more long-term thinking” says Madden representative Morton Brunson. “Sure, you might be able to draft that 83-overall running-back in the fifth-round, but if his likely to be suspended rating is above 80, you have a high chance of not having him available for the beginning of the season. Who knows, maybe even the whole season. We’ll keep the game updated to match the NFL’s ever changing policies and punishments.”

Players can be suspended for a variety of reasons in the franchise mode, from banned substance use, to domestic abuse, or anything that’s deemed detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence of professional football. Madden players can expect the heaviest suspensions for that last one.

brady photo

It’s unclear whether Madden players will have the ability to appeal suspensions, and how that process will go about, but the development team is confident, this is what Madden franchise players have been asking for. Though the development team is always working on pushing out the best Madden they can every year, the franchise mode has been identical in the past few years. With this big new addition of player suspensions, they take another step towards making Madden the best NFL licensed game on the market.


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