Old Man Insists On Only Using Cash

Trump, Cash Payments

Reports from CNN last night leaked audio tapes of a 72-year-old man insisting on using cash for hush money payments, with his caretaker.

It is unclear right now whether the old man in question wanted to avoid using other methods of payment because of the paper trail created, or if he was uncomfortable with newer, more robust forms of payment.

When asked about these payments in the past, the old man has claimed to not know of such payments. This audio recording confirms, that the old man was aware of such payments, and had a preferred method of payment.

The tape also confirms that the old man’s caretaker, had been assisting with these payments. It is possible the old man insists on paying with cash, because of his awful credit history with national banks. Consistent rumors around the retirement home say that the old man does get some financing from a Russian beneficiary, but these details are still murky.


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