Henry Cavill Worked For Terminix To Prepare For Witcher Role

Henry Cavill Stands In Front Of His Terminix Van Named Roach.
(Henry Cavill with his van, which he named “Roach”)

Method Acting Had Cavill Accepting Contracts Around The Neighborhood  

After researching intricate fight choreography and weapons training, it’s no surprise Henry Cavill also engaged in method acting for his portrayal of the Witcher “Geralt of Rivia.” Cavill wanted to fully understand the psychology of a moster-hunter, and decided to seek part-time employment with Terminix, a pest control and removal company.  

“When we were filming the fight scene with the Striga in episode three, I remembered what it was like to go face to face with a raccoon under a crawlspace in Michigan. The fear I felt, the smell, it was wonderful to be able to draw from that experience. I owe all the authenticity of that scene to some raccoons in Michigan” explained Cavill.

Although his help was appreciated by Terminix, the company did have to deal with a few complications from the actor’s involvement. We spoke with Henry Cavill’s supervisor Dale Judd to detail his time with Cavill. “I had to keep explaining to Henry that he couldn’t bring any swords in the van or to job sites. Not only is it a safety hazard, it frightens our clients, and it doesn’t help with half our pests. I’ll admit, he got that raccoon pretty good one time in Michigan, but a sword is useless against ants.”

Cavill wasn’t the only actor from Netflix’s new series “The Witcher” who utilized method acting. Joey Batey (who played Jaskier in the series) plays guitar and sings in an imaginary folk band called the The Amazing Devil. When asked to comment Batey responded that he wasn’t method acting, and insisted that the band The Amazing Devil was real. We here at Dropping Bricks found his dedication to method acting extremely admirable, and are ecstatic that he still hasn’t broken character. By keeping up with his imaginary band, we are sure to see a spirited performance out of Batey for season two.

We have yet to see what Cavill will do in preparation for season two of “The Witcher.” It is believed Terminix would accept Cavill back if he chooses to go that route, but it’s likely the actor will want to expand his repertoire and explore different sides of Geralt. Unverified reports have claimed that Cavill has been spotted around local bars and pawn shops asking patrons if they want to play a round of Gwent.

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