Tom Brady’s Most Likely Contract Demands

Tom Brady Contract Story 2

The New England Patriots and Tom Brady have yet to formally discuss a new contract, but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating what Brady might be demanding in his new contract for 2020 and beyond.

If another team hopes to lure the legendary quarterback from the Patriots, they will likely have to give in to his every wish. Let’s take a look at the possible things Brady will demand in his new contract.

Demands If He Leaves For A New Team

  • New team must provide emotional support to Julian Edelman after Brady leaves the Patriots.
  • Head coach of new team must never wear a hoodie.
  • New team must sign Antonio Brown, for at least two but no more than three weeks.
  • All active players on the roster must rehab with TB12 facilities.
  • Backup quarterback cannot be as handsome as Brady.
  • New team must provide fancy hats for future Kentucky Derby appearances.
  • New team must convince Mike Vrabel to shave his mustache.
  • All staff must watch, share, and like Tom vs Time documentary.
  • Rookie wide receivers must write proposals detailing why Brady should acknowledge their existence.
  • New team must remove all mentions of “deflate”, “tuck”, and “Eli Manning” from stadium and all team communications.


It’s possible Tom Brady might come back to the Patriots. In that case, it’s likely his list of demands will look a little bit different. Latest reports have indicated the Brady and Bill Belichick have talked on the phone, but that the discussion did not end well. Here’s a possible list of demands Brady might have demanded, if he decides to stay in New England.


Demands If He Stays With New England

  • Patriots must provide emotional support to Julian Edelman so he can recover from Brady almost leaving.
  • Bill Belichick must look visibly happy after at least some offensive touchdowns.
  • Robert Kraft cannot be angry at Brady for making massage parlor jokes in future Paul Rudd projects.
  • Brady gets the opportunity to perform a drop-kick punt every other game.
  • Patriots will allow Tom Brady to skip minicamp so he can prepare for his appearance on The Masked Singer.


The Patriots don’t have much time before making a decision regarding the legendary QB. In the end no matter what happens, Tom Brady has secured his legacy as the best player to ever put on a Patriots jersey, and New England fans should be eternally grateful for his monumental achievements.


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